MY NPR CROSSROADS: The Choice, Choosing And Change (Part 1)

“Two roads diverged in a yellow wood…”  ~ Robert Frost

We know how the poem goes. After today, nothing will be the same.

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Being #NPRfleek and The Hidden Brain Clique


The House That Radio Built – THEME MUSIC #1 – Embed via

‘Pretty Girl’ (Excerpt) by NΣΣT


The House That Radio Built – THEME MUSIC #2 – Embed via Google Drive

‘Signs of Life’ by ???



#WhyListen According to NPR Listeners 06.12.2015

Will NPR Change Its Name? : Tour Question Of The Day

Today, one wondrous and engaging woman, a dedicated listener brimming with inquisitive, insightful inqueries, caught my ear and rattled my brain with a particular question:

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PCHH Gif Recap : Nick Hornby’s ‘Funny Girl’ And Book Adaptations

When I Realized Stephen Thompson Wasn’t On PCHH This Week And Everyone Planned To Read A Book…

So, in a rare and joyous moment for their first segment, the PCHH gang gathered to read British author Nick Hornby’s latest book ‘Funny Girl’ in this week’s roundtable topic discussion! And in this episode, which happens on rare occasion, one of the main hosts was unavailable…

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Faces @ NPR : Meeting Nina Totenberg

Down crowded streets in the cold light of a D.C. morning, I strolled. Fighting against whipping wind and bitter cold with a hand-made set of display boards tucked under my arm. At two-feet high and three-feet wide, they desperately dangle, twist and flail in the rapture of mother nature’s frozen clutch.

*** PAUSE ***

Before continuing… can we PLEASE take a minute to enjoy this biography/promo shot:

Nina is giving us this dope, golden swoop-bang in her hair. This vibrant crimson cape draped regally over her shoulders in an effortless, elegant cascade. The cherry on-top is the look in her eyes: a knowing, slight squint that says:

YES, I am a treasure of public radio. How kind of you to notice.”

Love it. Love everything about it.


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